We are now on Alexa!

Big fanfare time! Over The Bridge Radio is now available on Alexa. So, if you have a clever Smartspeaker you can listen without having to lift a finger (in theory).

Before you get to that dizzy state of happiness, a little setup is required. The Alexa Skill needs to be enabled on your device. This can be achieved in one of two ways.

Option 1 – simply say ‘Alexa, ENABLE Over The Bridge Radio’. If you have super clear diction, this will work. If you are like us, Alexa may be struggling to identify the command amongst millions of others. In this case, it needs a little help. See Option 2.

Option 2 – access the Alexa App. 

Tap the ‘More’ icon (bottom right). (This may vary on different versions.)

Select Skills & Games then tap Categories and Search

Search for Over The Bridge Radio

The top result should be us, with our little green logo.

Select Enable.

That’s the set up done. In future, just say Alexa Play Over The Bridge Radio.

Hey presto, life just got a better soundtrack.